These are FUN and competitive tournaments for ALL levels!
So if you do not like to mix your soccer with fun... Do Not Sign Up!!! 

Heartbreaker 3v3

Feb 19-21st, 2021
Inside at Papillion Landing


Custom Tournament Tees on Site!!!



COVID-19  Rules for Midwest Soccer Tournaments 3v3 Event 


Front Fields (Puppy Love & Sweethearts) - View from upstairs 
Back Fields (Rose Garden & Kisses) - View from the main level 
We are only allowed so many people in the building, so many downstairs and so many on the main level.  Most often over the course of the weekend, your games will be on the same set of 2 fields.  This way we don't have groups moving all over.
Masks - Are to be worn by EVERYONE at all times except for players who are playing in the game and refs on the field.
Spectators - 1 parent per player. (minor children that can't stay home alone are allowed)
Coaches - 1 coach per sideline.
Groups - No crowds of 8 or more - please social distance in your viewing area. It is important to keep space!
Teams not playing - You may spread out on an open field, BUT PLEASE leave decorations alone.
Photo Area -  Don't crowd maybe only have 1 or 2 parents take the photo and text it to the others.
These rules are in place in order to keep the event running and kids playing soccer. 


Glow 3v3 2021

Dates to be announced soon.

Kick Out Cancer - Color 3v3


Will return the summer of 2021!

Total Amount Raised $13,674.27



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