All Tournaments

Awards will go to the following teams:

1st & 2nd Place for each Division

Awards for all U8 and below teams.

Heartbreaker 3v3 Contest

The tournament committee will also select one team for the following:

Best Team T-Shirt/Jerseys

Best Team Name

Hash Tag us your team pics at #HEARTBREAKER3V3

Halloween 3v3 Team Costume Contest


          Due to the Tournament's Facebook page being HACKED the staff will pick daily winners for the contest for 2022.


Team Costume Contest Details
 Pictures will be posted on Facebook for voting!!
Email us your team photos!

Facebook Votes

All teams who enter will have their team picture posted on Facebook at


The team who has the most “likes” on their team photo (in the contest album)  will win the “Best Overall Costume” and will receive an award!


Costume Guidelines

Please make sure your team looks a like, the same main color jersey. During soccer games, all hard pieces of costumes must come off. Keep costumes safe for soccer play!!!